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Is it gray or grey?

Regardless, it is flippin’ cute! We have a new arrival on the farm!

Cotton, Grace’s breeding heifer from last fair season, delivered a healthy little bull calf! Thank goodness for what must have been an easy calving for a first time momma, because at we locked her up around 6:00 PM and at 4:00 AM he was up dry and up walking around. It was a blessing that he arrived before the big snowstorm and could get warm and dry. Cotton has been a great momma and let him nurse right away.

The girls decided that his name would be, Mouse.

Cotton is taking great care of the little Mouse and is making sure he stays warm during the storm!

By the way, my husband informed me that it isn't gray or grey. He is a smoke colored little cutie. 😉

Have you started the calving season yet? Any favorite memories from snowstorms when you were a kid or adult? Comment below with your favorite memory! I posted about snowday treats on Facebook last night and there were so many yummy ideas mentioned!

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