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Wreck this what?

Wreck this what?

Looking for a gift for that creative child, young adult or adult in your life?  Check out Wreck This Journal.

One of the many pages that the girls have created.

My daughter LOVES her Wreck This Journal, so much she has more than one.  She has been working in the same journal for over two years and continues to work in it, add new things, and change the cover of it often.  Seriously, every time I see it laying around it has a different look on the cover!

Here are several reasons you should order one today:

  1. It provides cheap entertainment for kids, literally, they run around the house looking for scraps, fruit stickers, used stamps, and gum to put in the journal.
  2. It keeps kids busy for minutes, half-hours, hours and days at a time.  Who doesn’t need an activity like that when it is 3* Farenheit?
  3. It sparks creativity in all ages!  I have watched my girls create things with their imaginations and sometimes wonder how they even thought of the things they wrote in their journal.
  4. It’s inexpensive for the amount of fun that is to be had with the book.

The girls and I would love to hear how you or the recipient of a Wreck This Journal liked the gift, comment below and tell us all about it.

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6 thoughts on “Wreck this what?

  1. Morgan

    I got one for my cousin Elise for Christmas and my grandma Karen said that she helped her with a page the other weekend when she was visiting! She has a majority of the pages done already and it’s been less than 1 month!! Love this journal! It’s the perfect, Inexpensive gift! Thanks grace for the idea after hearing about your journal 😊

  2. Beth Ann Chiles

    I have never seen this one and now I have a perfect gift for my great niece. Her mom is a journal fiend so I bet she will love this idea. Checking it out now and it will be ordered. She is only 7 but i think this would be a great first journal for her!

    1. admin

      Yes! If you get one I would love to see the fun things he does with the different pages. There is one page that said go get this page dirty (as in rub it in the dirt) the girls ran for the cattle yard and I had too quickly remind them that if they wanted the keep the page in their book I was fine with dirt, but anything else from the cattle yard was a big no. HA HA HA


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