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Guest post-Growing up on the farm…

Hello, I'm Jennifer's daughter, Grace. I'm gonna tell you some things about living the farm.

It's not easy growing up on the farm. You do get to see some pretty cool things, like cows giving birth, watching corn and beans grow, and watching hay get bailed. It is really hard to let the cows go but, then you know that you are feeding a family. But there is no way to change that. I'm really happy to have a family and the chance to see these things and live on a farm.

From the gravel road-


What are your favorite baby animals or memories from growing up on a farm? If you don't live on a farm, what else could we teach you about farming? Comment below to tell us.

2 thoughts on “Guest post-Growing up on the farm…

  1. Laura Howe

    Hi Grace, Nice post. I have many memories growing up on the farm. I remember watching baby pigs being born and counting them. During the summer, my grandma, aunt and cousins would come over and we would spend all day picking, cutting and freezing sweet corn. We would put sweetcorn in ice cream buckets and put it in the bathtub to cool. I loved the smell of the corn. I remember the adults saying it was so much work and now that I have to do the work, I understand. We would also pick the sweet corn and sell it at my grandma and grandpa's house and I loved seeing people excited over our corn. I also have many memories of the chickens (not many good ones though) 😉 Now I love seeing my kids make memories on the farm!


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