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Venture to the Vee Bar

We are venturing to the Vee Bar Guest Ranch again this summer and we couldn't be more excited! The Vee Bar is an awesome ranch in Wyoming.  The Vee Bar has a very special place in our families heart, because my niece Emily is a wrangler at the ranch. My mom and Emily started visiting the ranch in 2012 as guests and they both fell madly in love with the lifestyle and people at the ranch.

Emily working at the ranch in 2018.

Whenever my mom had told my dad that her and Emily were going back again he always said (with a grin), “What’s the big deal? We have cows, we have horses, we have a creek you can ride through, and you can even sleep outside if you want.”  🙂

Mom enjoying a break while on a ride.

I fully admit, I never understood what the excitement was all about until I was there to see it for my own eyes. It is absolutely spectacular.  Everything about it! The views, the staff, the guests, the wild flowers, the food, and the accommodations! I could go on and on about it, but I thought I would ask Emily for her first hand view of the ranch through her eyes. Here are Em’s top highlights about working at the Vee Bar:

A few of the Wranglers that work at the ranch.
  1. The people that I work with are like my second family. (I will agree with this, I am not sure misses those of us in Iowa when she gets to live with and work with such genuine, good-hearted people that she does in Wyoming.) 
  2. Getting to meet new guests each week. (Each week a new group of guests come in on Sunday and sometimes more come in on Wednesday)
  3. I have really gotten out of my “shell” by meeting so many different people. (I often think about how all of the people Em has met and converses with will help her with her goal of becoming a teacher, that girl can talk to anyone!)
  4. Cattle work and camping out some of the best times on the ranch! (On Thursday nights during the week guests have the option to “sleep under the stars” or in a cabin or in a tepee while on the weekly camp out. We chose cots in a cabin, but I think just rolling out a sleeping bag on the ground would be super fun, too!)

So what’s the big deal? Why am I announcing that we are going to the Vee Bar again this summer?  WELL, I got the bright idea this fall to give myself a challenge called #venturetotheveebar. I am totaling up all of my walking, running, and biking miles in attempt to “venture” to the Vee Bar by the time we go in July.  I am behind in my miles right now, but am planning to make every attempt to meet my goal by the time we get there! The girls are partaking, too, they decided to split the mileage between the two of them. 🙂 I will try to keep you up on our progress towards the 837 mile trek!

Not taken today, taken on the day we started the challenge!

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Comment below and tell us do you have a favorite vacation memory? Any big trips planned this summer? Have you ever been to the Vee Bar? We for sure want to hear about your trip!

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