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Blizzard Bash

Well, here we have it. A good, old fashioned blizzard. I think many of us have childhood memories that resemble today's weather.

My favorite memories of big snowstorms include watching my dad use the snowblower to clean out the driveway, sliding off of huge snowdrifts that were as tall as the machine shed and my mom making fried bread.

I ventured out briefly to help Rob get out of a snowdrift.

My husband has similar childhood memories from blizzards. He said having the wood burner going in the basement in his childhood home was one of his favorite memories. (I think his siblings have said something similar recently.)

Today, our girls got a glimpse of what we remember from childhood. I did send them outside for a little bit and explained that they would need to play on the big drifts that were on the south sides of the buildings. They lasted almost 30 minutes (which isn't too bad in this wind.) I welcomed them in the house with fresh chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate.

Then we declared it a game afternoon! Our current favorite is Quirkle. We love this game because we can all play it. Our girls are eight and eleven and we have been playing it for about two years. So it is a great game for a wide variety of ages. We often play a quick game on school nights as a fun activity, but today we will be able to get a few games in while we take cover in the warm house. 🙂

Do you have a favorite family game that you play at your house? What do you do when you are "snowed in?"

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