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Walk, Ride, Rodeo

Photo compliments of Netflix

We don't watch a ton of TV at our house, usually cowboy shows (The Ride with Cord McCoy), Alaskan adventures, and an occasional Fuller House; but when I found out that Walk, Ride, Rodeo was hitting Netflix last Friday night I knew we couldn’t wait until later to watch it!

Walk, Ride, Rodeo is a movie based on a true story about Amberley Snyder, Snyder’s story is near and dear to my heart on many levels. First, she was the 2010 Utah FFA President so even though I have never met her in person she belonged to an organization that believe in and is a leader.  Second, she is a barrel racer! I don’t know many females that grew up with horses that don’t admire the sport of barrel racing and those that put in the hours to fine tune the partnership between horse and rider. Third, her story is of overcoming tragedy and using her second chance at life to be the amazing woman she is today.

I first learned of Amberley’s story while watching The Ride with Cord McCoy one night.  I shared it with many of my nieces and nephews for multiple reasons, but was struck by her Amberley’s poise and ability to achieve.

Walk, Ride, Rodeo is based on her story, you can also find this book about her story, too. I have also included the YouTube video from where I first saw her story.  If you are looking for something to do on this cold (spring is getting closer day) find Amberley’s movie on Netflix and snuggle in for a family friendly movie that will leave you with lots to talk about. 

I would love to meet this young lady someday to shake her hand (like FFA alumni would) and tell her to keep dreaming big an huge, she is making a difference in the lives of so many young people and adults by sharing her story through speeches where she tells her story of overcoming many of life’s challenges and encourages others to do the same.

Keep dreaming big and huge, Amberley!

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