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Boots and Dresses

Dear Ellie,

I hope and pray you always want to wear boots with your dresses.

You have worn cowboy boots since the day you started wearing something on your feet! They started as cute little pink boots that your pudgy little feet fit in and have progressed to a fancy pair of checkerboard pattern boots in some of your favorite colors.

You have literally worn the glitter off of these and holes in the soles in a matter of months.

Yesterday we watched you take another step towards growing up as you took your first holy communion with beautiful WHITE boots on. I could not stop hearing the song "In My Daughter's Eyes" in my head throughout the day as we celebrated you!

In my daughter's eyes
Everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light
And the world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me
Gives me strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

Ellie, you definitely have a fire in your soul, you challenge me on the daily, and have a compassion for animals that goes deeper than many humans have for their own kind. You could care less what others think of you and will wear your boots with yoga pants, jeans, dresses, and sweatpants.

I pray you dream big and huge.

I pray you keep that fire in your soul always.

I pray you will always want to wear boots with your dresses and I promise your Daddy and I will be right there beside you supporting you every step of the way.

Love you,


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