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My mom gave me the coolest gift this week and with it has come a flood of memories! Rob and I were engaged 15 years ago in early April, so when she said, “15 years ago you asked me to do something!” I thought it might have had something to do with that or our wedding. I was shocked when she pulled out this purse, my mom is an amazing quilter and seamstress, but this takes the cake for things that she has made me!

15 years ago I gave her one of Rob’s shirts to turn into a purse for me! It is the coolest surprise ever because I had forgotten that I had even given it to her! She lined the inside with my favorite color, yellow and added handles and a zipper. I love it!

Seeing that old shirt re-created into something new made me think about the last 15 years since getting engaged. We started out skinny young adults (kind of like the shirt when it was new) and now we have been recreated into a family of four (with a little extra baggage) from 15 years of life! I wouldn’t trade our baggage for anything in the world because it makes “us.”

Here’s to new “stylish” baggage and to celebrating 15 years since our engagement!

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