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Signs your cow is going to calve…

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been impatiently waiting for the birth of this baby! I was hoping and praying for a heifer calf from Big Mama, but when she went 10 days late I figured there was no way she was having a girl. Surprise! She's here.

The first that a cow is getting close to calving is noticing the udder beginning to fill with milk. The cows teats will get a coke bottle look to them. Her back end will be very "springy" and for lack of better words, it will look like a calf will fall out, Big Mama has looked like this for 3 weeks! Today the sign that birth was imminent was her holding her tail straight out from her body. The rest is on the video... (not for the faint of heart), but for those of you that want to watch, enjoy!

For those of you brave enough to to watch the video you saw the mama cow licking off the newborn, she instinctively starts doing this to stimulate the calf with her rough tongue AND to clean up the sack and afterbirth so that predators don't smell a newborn. Nature is truly amazing to observe and I am so happy I was able to catch this birth on my phone. We were able to get her navel sprayed with iodine and then left her to be with her mama!

More on this little girl later when I can get some better pictures!

From the gravel road-


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