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5 Facts About Parenting Kids with the Flu

We have been "fairly"lucky this year and I am truly grateful for that, but I found this post that I had written long ago and felt that it was so true I just had to share it!

5 Facts:

1. You will start to get comfortable examining poop and puke for its color, texture and smell in case you need to describe it to a doctor.

2. As a parent you will learn to function on very minimal sleep, with one eye open and one ear open to listen for the sound of a puking child.

3. To make things easier you may decide to just sleep in the sick child’s bedroom to try to get the bowl where it needs to be just in the nick of time.  Hence the #3 Insane but true fact about parenting, your body will be able to contort to sleep in all sorts of weird positions and you will more than likely wake up snuggling a pillow pet instead of your significant other.

4.  During the day your kids will probably act like nothing is wrong (at night their temp will rise to chili pepper status) and will want to play something really messy like play-doh. No matter how hard you try to teach your children that the correct play-doh color needs to stay in the correct container, every container will eventually contain the color of play-doh that you described to the doctor in regards to your child’s poop or puke.


5. You can wash your hands until they bleed, buy stock in Lysol, and sanitize every surface, but in the end when your crying, pooping, puking, coughing child wants you hold them you will and next week you will probably be the crying, coughing, puking, pooping parent.

There you have it 5 (Insane) But True Facts About Parenting When Your Kids Have The Flu!  We are truly blessed with our two beautiful girls and that they are healthy (most of the time.)

Do you have any funny stories about parenting?  Do you agree with any of these facts?

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