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Another litter of piglets

Charlotte has blessed us with a third litter of piglets! Walter and her make THE cutest babies! Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

It is getting easier to know when labor is close as she gets very grumpy towards the dogs. Plus Ellie checked her that morning before school and she had milk so we figured we would come home to surprise. Charlotte gave birth to 10 live piglets. They are a variety of colors!

We got all of the processing taken care of this weekend. Ellie was laughing saying I’m the pig vet and Rob is the cattle vet. In full disclosure I worked at a hog farm my senior year and in college, part of my job was processing baby pigs. “Processing” includes cutting their teeth, giving a dose of iron and (typically) cutting tails. I say typically because we chose not to this time. I also castrated the male pigs at the same time so that we didn’t have to separate them from their momma again. She doesn’t like that very much and neither do they!

Cutting teeth

What questions do you have for me about Our pigs? I would be happy to answer them!

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