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An open letter to my husband, my family, and my farming friends…

An open letter to my husband, my family and farming friends:

I see you.

I see you checking your phone to see what the weather is going to do, what the markets did, and what the latest news story is on your profession. I see you praying silently at church and wonder if you are asking for a rebound in the markets or are just thanking our Lord for a healthy family and a roof over their heads.  I see you teaching the next generation how to conserve and care for the land because it is the only one we will ever get. I see the worry in your eyes when more severe weather is on its way. I see you looking up to those that have gone before you seeking or at least wondering what their advice would be.

I hear you.

I hear you cussing and becoming short-tempered as Flood Creek is once again teasing the edges of her banks and threatening to rip out the fence that your family spent hours putting back up after her last rage.  I hear you (under your breath) asking, “Why do we do this?” But then I see the grin on your face when a healthy calf hits the ground. I hear your frustration when parts break and machines quit working. 

I smell you.

I smell the sweat from a hard day's work that often starts before the sun comes up and ends when the stars are out. I smell the manure that you are hauling to fertilize our fields and to create a comfortable, clean space for our animals.  I smell the fresh cut hay as it lay waiting to be baled to feed our cattle and provide income for our family.

I feel you.

I feel the pain that you’re feeling when you turn the other cheek to a critic about your profession or those people blasting comments about taking the insurance check.  I feel your frustration when that heifer we set up the perfect artificial insemination protocol for came back into heat or when the rain came right before our intended hay baling date. I feel you tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep because you are thinking about what to plant and how much grain to sell and thinking about how you will get it all done while farming and raising kids and doing all of the things for all of the people.

I taste you. 

I taste your hard work in the meat that you raised and the crops that you produced when we sit down at our table to enjoy a meal with our family and friends. I taste the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating every ounce.

To all farmers, ranchers, and farming families. I see you. We see you. I see you because I am standing behind you every step of the way.  I keep it my goal to stay positive for our community, share what life on our farm is like, to provide a strong arm to hold you up when you want to fall and to encourage you to keep going when you feel like stopping.

Do you see us? Do you see what the farmers and ranchers are trying to do? I challenge you to make sure you are truly seeing what is going on around you.

I see you, from the gravel road-


22 thoughts on “An open letter to my husband, my family, and my farming friends…

  1. Dee Edwards

    Congratulations for an accurate and realistic view of the farming industry. Thank you for sharing your poignant experience with those who believe farming is a “ get rich” scheme. Your open letter touched my heart🤗🤗👏🏻👏🏻

    1. Jessie Fuger

      I grew up on the edge of farms and smelling the manure, seeing tractors in the field. We knew it was not a "get rich" scheme and hard they worked. One of the farmers had a farm stand so we were able to get fresh vegetables from them. I sometimes feel like farms and ranches are disappearing at an alarming rate. This letter should be published in every newspaper in the country. Too many people have no idea where their food comes from! Thank you for this wonderful open letter!

      1. admin

        I agree there are so many people that are unsure of where their food comes. One of my goals is to be able to open up those conversations. 🙂

  2. Zanna

    Wow! Brought me back to my childhood and reminded me why I love farming and stewardship of the land. Thank you for this sensual rift.

  3. Lara Kyle

    Wonderfully stated! As a daughter of a past farming family this is so heartwarming & touching. You truly have a gift of thoughts & words!

  4. Kim G

    I have the utmost respect for farmers and their families - such a hard job and I'll never begin to know all of the work that goes into it!

    1. admin

      Thank you so much! 2019 was a crazy year for many farmers and ranchers and I was really feeling it when I wrote that post. Thank you for reading. Come back and read again soon!

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