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It’s about attention. Period.

It’s all about attention. Period. 

If you live in Iowa or the midwest for that matter and have been on social media at all your newsfeed has probably been filled with memes, posts, and pictures of Carson King who decided to donate money that was given to him after holding the below pictured sign at the the Iowa vs. Iowa State Game to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Photo from Washington Post

Unfortunately, Tuesday night those memes, posts, and pictures took a drastic turn in response to a beer company cutting ties with Carson and a newspaper digging up old social media posts that Carson had shared as a 16-year-old.

The newspaper reporter probably did it to “get the dirt” or drum up attention for their newspaper.  Unfortunately, I think that may have backfired as social media is now flooded with the reporter's tweets and posts that he may not be too proud of himself.

The beer made the move to jump on board and match what Carson had received in donations.  Hello, what a great business move, again attention?  Then the pictures of cans with Carson’s face, etc. They would have made numerous extra sales even in Iowa where their beer is known to be king.  Unfortunately, they decided to cut ties over the social media posts from when Carson was 16 and now much of Iowa is saying they will be boycotting their beverage.

If we take out the newspaper, take out the beer company, and even take Carson out of the equation for a moment we are left with the children’s hospital.  IT IS ABOUT THE KIDS AND GIVING ATTENTION TO THEIR NEEDS. PERIOD. In recent years the hospital and kids have gotten such positive attention from the WAVE.  For many kids and families at the hospital, it is a bright spot in their day and a bright spot for those attending the Iowa game on that particular day. Hawkeye fans or not, everyone that experiences the wave feels a bit warmer inside on game day.

So here is my challenge to all of you. Give attention to the kids!  If you have shared a funny meme, called the register, retweeted the reporter's inappropriate tweets, then do the same with sharing this post with this information. For each time you shared one of those posts consider sending a buck (or more) to the kids.

Financial gifts can be made online or mailed to:

University of Iowa Center for Advancement  

c/o UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital Fund

PO Box 4550

Iowa City, IA 52244-4550

Regardless of Carson’s teenage social media posts, regardless of what the beer company does, regardless of what Venmo does (at the time I am writing this I have heard no different on their donation) and regardless of what beverage we all choose to drink-it is about the KIDS. 

For what it's worth, I think the grown-up big kid Carson King did an amazing thing by choosing to donate to the kids.  Let’s be more like the big kid holding that sign and doing our part to bring attention to the kids and don’t mess with Iowa nice because, in the end, we will support our kids (big and small).

Photo courtesy of @themascotcy

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