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There are leaders in blue and gold.

There are leaders being born in blue and gold, actually in National Blue and Corn Gold.  I have witnessed it. In a time when we hear many people talking about Gen Z’ers that can’t put down their phones, live in their parents' basement and have zero social skills; I can attest to the fact that those statements are not true for every teenager! 


Last week I had the opportunity to be a judge at an FFA Public Speaking Career Development Event. I will admit I felt the butterflies fluttering as I prepared to walk in the school to judge just like I did before my first Conduct of Meetings event as a freshman in high school.  Things came full circle as I walked into the school to gather with others to prepare for the judge's meeting.

The first person I laid eyes on was my former FFA advisor. FFA and my advisor provided me opportunities that I would’ve never had and made me the person I am today, you’ve heard me say it and you’ve read about it. This post isn’t about me though, it’s about the young men and women that I had the opportunity to observe on a cold, blustery February night in Northern Iowa and those that I have had the opportunity to follow in the last few years.


The young men and women I am referring to are leaders, leaders in those beautiful colors, and they are everywhere. They know how to shake a stranger's hand appropriately, Robert’s Rule of Order, the skills needed to land a job with a smoking job interview, and how to share their passion through public speaking. They are your future employees, entrepreneurs, future fair board members,  future educators of the next generation and above all they are leaders.

FFA and agricultural education are curating a group of leaders that has the potential to use the skills they have learned to make their mark on this world! And the world better prepare themselves because the teenagers that I had the opportunity to meet last week in Iowa and those that I know are sporting corduroy jackets across other parts of the country (or have sported jackets not too long ago) are going to leave their mark and it’s going to be gigantic.  

My nephew after receiving his State Degree

FFA Members,  keep “dreaming big and huge” and Advisors keep seeing the great things your students are doing and use the best skill you have of finding those leadership qualities in each and every one of them. 

From the gravel road,


I love quotes! Quotes that make me think, quotes that inspire, quotes that challenge me and quotes that tug at my heart. I love quotes because I relate them to my life and I am a big dreamer, hence why I love #dreambigandhuge!

My parents know me well...

I love to share quotes on social media, write them on my vision boards, and most recently write them inside the front cover of books.

I think the reason I love quotes so much is because they typically hit me across the head, much like Monsignor Brunkan’s words.  I see them, just when I need to see them.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy sharing them, in hopes that they will be seen at the right time by the person that needs to see them at that specific moment in time.

I decided that for the month of April I would share my love of quotes with those that would be interested by hosting a free quote challenge.  What better way to jump in to spring, right?

The challenge will occur for the entire month of April, each morning I will post a quote and then in your journal, on social media, or anywhere you like to write you can write/respond to how the quote applies to your life or what it makes you think about, etc.

 If you would like to participate please fill out the form below and I will add you to our secret Facebook group where I will post the daily quote.

I can’t wait to see how the quote challenge helps other reflect on quotes and how it will force all of us to go a little deeper within ourselves!

From the gravel road-


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