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Regardless, it is flippin’ cute! We have a new arrival on the farm!

Cotton, Grace’s breeding heifer from last fair season, delivered a healthy little bull calf! Thank goodness for what must have been an easy calving for a first time momma, because at we locked her up around 6:00 PM and at 4:00 AM he was up dry and up walking around. It was a blessing that he arrived before the big snowstorm and could get warm and dry. Cotton has been a great momma and let him nurse right away.

The girls decided that his name would be, Mouse.

Cotton is taking great care of the little Mouse and is making sure he stays warm during the storm!

By the way, my husband informed me that it isn't gray or grey. He is a smoke colored little cutie. 😉

Have you started the calving season yet? Any favorite memories from snowstorms when you were a kid or adult? Comment below with your favorite memory! I posted about snowday treats on Facebook last night and there were so many yummy ideas mentioned!

From the gravel road-



Dream big and huge! You just never know when those dreams come true.

Stories, swirling, stories!  For as long as I can remember I have had stories swirling around in my head.  Stories about my kids, my childhood, fun adventures, sad stories, funny stories and inspirational stories.

When I started working full time and spending a lot more time in my car I started to use my phone to capture some of these stories. I would use the speech to text feature and just blab into my phone.  Then later I would go back and edit and take out those silly speech to text errors that occur.

A few months ago I decided, why not? Why not dream big and huge?  What is stopping me from pursuing the adventure of bringing some of these stories to life for others to enjoy?  So with the encouragement of my husband, family, and friends- I leapt!  I dove head first and started looking for an illustrator with the courage to pursue my dreams.

If you follow me on social media you have seen little hints of Tawanda’s Tales: Best Friends Forever.  The entire process of seeing my story come to life has been surreal. From the first sketch of a character, to the final agreement on a character, and to the actual sketch of pages of the book, it has just been crazy.  I posted on Facebook that it feels like the anticipation of a new bouncy baby. With each sketch the illustrator sends I am one more step closer to seeing my dream become a reality.

I cannot wait to share Tawanda with all of you once everything is finished.  I am in hopes that sometime in February I can do that! The crazy part about sharing your dreams is that is leads to more dreams coming true. Since sharing my story on social media I have been asked by a business and two different school districts to come speak about my book. It's just crazy-as I told one of my friends, I got a speaking "gig." Little old me, got a speaking gig! HA!

What big dreams do you have?  Have you leapt? What’s holding you back?

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