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We have guns in our house. Did I get your attention? Good! Some of our favorite hobbies include turkey hunting, shooting clay pigeons, and deer hunting, which means we are gun owners.

We have several bows and arrows in our home, actually four of them, we each own one. Our girls are getting to be great shots at the target in the yard!

This isn’t meant to be a controversial post about gun owners rights or about concealed carry laws or anything like that. It is meant to educate.

We practice S.A.F.E. In our home, do you?

Today, June 4, is National Safe Day! National Safe Day was started as the brainchild of Brooklynn Mae’s mother. Brooklynn was accidentally shot and killed by her best friend in 2013.

Her family wanted to do what they could to honor Brooklyn’s life so they filed for National Safe Day to be a recognized day on the calendar. They want to make sure all gun owners practice SAFE.

Safe stands for:

S- Secure all firearms in the home
A- Ask the question about unsecured firearms in the homes your child visits
F- Frequently talk to your children about the dangers of firearms
E- Educate and Empower others to be SAFE

Since our children have grown up seeing guns, hearing about guns and even watching us shoot clay pigeons. I feel confident that we have taught them to treat every single firearm as a loaded weapon, including their bows. The things I feel like ALL parents, grandparents, and gun owners need to work on beyond the above are:

T- Teach kids how to talk to their friends about gun safety.

Have the conversation with your kids about peer pressure and how to respond if a friend says they want to get a gun out of a gun safe or show them a gun. Teach them that it is ok to tell their friend “no” and give them the reasons why.

Y- You are one person, but YOU could be the one person that has the right conversation with someone that could save a life.

So don’t only practice the words SAFE add the TY to it and ensure that your children and other’s stay safe.


From the gravel road-


The what inspires you Wednesday post isn't by a guest this week, it is from yours truly!

My students inspire me. My past students, present kids I get to work with, and the students I am sure to work with in the future ALL inspire me. They all have different abilities and I am amazed by daily. They inspire me to be more giving and loving.

Recently, a student gave me a sack full of rocks. When she gave them to me she acted like she was giving me a bag full of diamonds and I acted just as I was receiving a bag full of diamonds. 🙂 Why? A better question is why not? She was showing her giving heart which is an AMAZING ability of hers. Sure, it was a bag of rocks that were from the playground, but I wanted to make sure she knew how thoughtful and kind her act of giving was in hopes of encouraging her to continue to share that ability!

A past student that inspires me ALWAYS entered my classroom with a "Hi, Miss Bushbaum!" This was my first teaching job and this students ability to light up a room with her singing and cheerful greeting always made my day! I would not be the educator that I am today if it wasn't for all of the things she taught me in that first year.

Another, had the most difficult time catching on to math concepts, but could read any story that was put in front of her. She had the ability to act out those stories like she was on a Broadway stage. She comprehended what she read well behind the expectations for her grade level and her abilities in literacy always inspired me to find other ways for students to find their voice in the classroom!

These are just a few of the examples of students that have inspired me and they also inspired me to write You Will Do Great Things. Every single student, child, teacher, parent, PERSON in this world has different abilities. What a difference it makes when we see them, truly see them for their abilities!

I challenge each of you reading this to share it with someone that needs to hear the message to SEE the abilities in others and I challenge you to do the same.

From the gravel road-


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