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For as long as I can remember my mother has quilted. I can remember watching her in the winter as she sat under a big, brightly colored quilt that she was stitching by hand as a gift for me. I wanted gold colored thread with a teal colored quilt, I remember her struggling to get that thread to cooperate as it was not very easy to quilt with, but she didn't give up on it and now I have a wonderful memory and keepsake that I will always have to cherish.

A few weeks ago when I went to pick my girls up from a cousins sleep over that had occurred at my parents house, I sat in the living room in awe of all of the memories that were strewn around. One of my girls sat under a quilt made by mom snuggling with Grandma's dog.

Another sat watching an Ipad wrapped in Grandpa's new quilt from Christmas. I couldn't help, but thing of all of the memories that were surrounding our family with her handmade quilts.

I am blessed to have several quilts that Mom has made for me and now even let my girls use some of them. The one pictured below currently on my bed and is one of my all time favorites! I just love the bright colors!

Not only have I been blessed to be the recipient of many of my Mom's quilts, I have had the opportunity to have her stand over me and teach me how to sew and quilt myself! I now understand why she loves giving quilts as gifts because they are such an amazing keepsake and getting to see the response of the recipient is awesome and great for the soul.

Wedding quilt I made for our niece.

Another blessing that my Mom has given us is that she has taught ALL of her granddaughters how to sew and quilt. In fact that is one of their favorite things to do at Grandma's house. I know this is a skill that not all children have the opportunity to learn anymore, I hope they pass it on to their own children some day.

At this point all of her grandchildren have received a quilt, most are made specifically towards their favorite colors or sports teams. Do you want to know the most important thing though? Beyond their bright colors and fabulous patterns is hours and hours of love. One of these large quilts takes so much time to create that I know she pours her heart into each one and making each quilt as individual as possible.

Behind every quilt is a story and a memory that will last years and years to come and I hope and pray that someday my great grandchildren will someday snuggle up under one of these family heirlooms and get to hear stories of their Grandma that worked many hours to create keepsakes for her family to enjoy.

Love you, Mom, thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!

Do you have a favorite quilt or family heirloom? Do you know how to quilt or have any quilters in your family? Maybe you have memories of watching family members sew or quilt. Comment below and tell us about it.

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How can Grace be turning 11?  This doesn’t even seem possible.  I remember the day I delivered her like it was last Saturday!

In honor of her birthday I thought I would post 11 things I love about her, obviously there are many more, but in honor of her 11th birthday…

  1. Her sense of humor-she lays out one liners that literally make my guts hurt!
  2. Her creativity-whether it is quilting, painting, drawing or working in her Wreck This Journal, she is so creative!
  3. Heart-Grace has a huge heart.  She often doesn’t even understand why someone would call someone a name or pick on someone
  4. Cats-she loves cats so much!  We call her the future crazy cat lady.
  5. Bath bombs-she makes the best bath bombs, even though she uses a LOT of my oils to do it.
  6. Cupcakes-she loves to invent and try to create different kinds of cupcakes (chocolate potato chip cupcakes, anyone?)
  7. Her love for her sister, they argue, they fight-at the end of the day she would defend her in a heartbeat
  8. Her love of school, as an educator of course this makes me happy, she truly loves to learn and loves the social aspect of school..
  9. Her carefree personality.  Literally since she was a baby she could care less what people thought of her outfit, hair, etc.  
  10. Her love of music-she loves to rock out and sing along with her keyboard and she has a beautiful voice.
  11. Her cautiousness over new things. She likes to know all of the details of what’s coming next or what to expect.

I love you my little Pumpkin Pie!

Do you have any fun birthday traditions? Do you allow your children to have “friend” birthday parties?

From the gravel road-


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