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Stories need to be told.  You heard me say a few days ago in this post.  I truly believe it, our stories need to be told.  When I speak to large groups part of my message is encouraging people to share their stories because if they don’t someday those stories will be gone. Well after many conversations (some with others and some in my own head) I have decided that I am going to take the opportunity to share stories for people that may not have the means or platform to do it.  I want to tell of their successes, tragedies, funny stories and how they truly lived farm, ranch, rural, and ag life. I want to tell the stories that I wish I had written down about my grandparents and their parents. 

Do you know a farmer, rancher, or person involved in agriculture that you think would love to give a gift of their story for all of us to enjoy?  I say gift because it truly is a gift to those that will be reading the stories. It will be a gift to the next generation and will be a gift to the people that lived the story. It will be a way for them to know their legacy to continue to live on. I want to talk to people of all ages, genders, and states!  I want to tell your story.

Will you allow me the pleasure of telling your story through pictures and words? It would be my pleasure.

Complete this form to recommend yourself or another farmer, rancher, or person in agriculture.

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Why renew your vows?  They don’t expire!  They sure don’t expire, but sometimes they tend to get forgotten during the crazy, busy hustle of life or when trying to load an unruly animal into a trailer.  I brought up the idea to Rob a little over a year ago and he went along with it so I knew he thought it was something neat, too!

Here’s is what I will tell you about renewing your wedding vows.  It feels different! Like totally different!  When we said the words to each other at our wedding, I was also worried about if the cake got delivered, if the DJ was setting up, and the list goes on.

While renewing our vows my mind wasn’t cluttered with any of that.  In fact, my mind was replaying the last 15 years of our married life like it was one of those reels of film that we used to watch in elementary school.  You see, our marriage hasn’t been easy, truthfully has any marriage ever been easy? There have been many nights where Rob has had to sleep on a cot or in a chair while dealing with my various health issues over the years. He has literally been my nurse as I have thrown up on him, wiped things up off of the floor for me that I couldn’t probably look at, and has been my rock when things have literally gone shitty. Pun intended. 😉  He has stood beside me while dealing with anxiety attacks, held my hand when I have felt overwhelmed, and has been the voice of reason when I couldn’t see a reason.

So while marriage vows don’t expire it doesn’t hurt to remind each other about all of those promises that you made on your wedding day and it doesn’t hurt to take the time to look into each other’s eyes and renew those promises.

Here are my top tips for making your vow renewal special:

  1. Dress up!  Make it an event.  I bought a dress that I would typically never wear and Rob wore the cowboy hat that he has had for our entire marriage (actually before we were married).
  2. Write something to each other.  We didn’t write our vows when we got married, but we did write a little something to each other this time and I will cherish those handwritten words for years to come.
  3. Involve people if you want or do it in private, the choice is yours. We chose to renew our vows in front of our children and a few family members and friends. I felt like it was extremely important for our girls to see that even though there may be raised voices from time to time Mom and Dad still love each other deeply and are committed to each other
  4. Involve your family (if you want) When we decided that we wanted to renew our vows my nephew offered to get ordained, while you don't have to have someone ordained lead your ceremony it sure was special to have Jackson conduct the ceremony and my niece read. Our girls were also involved by "walking" me to Rob.
  5. Incorporate something from your wedding. We chose to bring our cross that was passed around at our wedding. The cross was passed around at our wedding and people prayed over it and offered prayers for our marriage. We did it again at our vow renewal!
  6. .Celebrate!  We celebrated with our immediate family and friends by having a party at our house.  It was so fun and fun to relive some of the funny things that happened with our wedding day and celebrate with those that we love.

Have you considered renewing your vows? What things might you do differently?

From the gravel road-


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