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There are so many secrets between mothers and daughters. So many funny and sometimes deep conversations that occur. I have found that at Grace's age some of those conversations are heartwrenching as she is looking for advice about a friend or needing encouragement. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes she talks willingly and other times there are slamming doors and "DON'T COME IN HERE" screamed from her room.

One of those screaming nights happened a few nights ago and magically I received a text from a friend (that had no idea of the stressful parenting evening I had just endured.) She had sent me the cover of this book and said she had thought of me. I ordered it immediately, like didn't even give it a second thought, just hit buy now and thank goodness for Amazon Prime it arrived within 2 days.

It is the coolest, little journal. It gives mother and daughter a chance to communicate through words (Um...perfect for me) and perfect for when Grace might have a question she doesn't want to ask me face to face. We decided that when I was done writing in it that I would put it on her bed and when she had written back to me she would put it on my nightstand so I would know she was done.

The book includes writing prompts and free space, both so that those questions can be asked or deep thoughts can be written. The coolest thing about the book is that there are really no "rules" the only thing we decided for a rule is that what was written inside could only be shared between the two of us, which makes it extra special.

If you are looking for a fun way to engage with your tweenage girl, this is it! Even though we are just getting started with it we both agreed that it is going to be lots of fun!

From the gravel road-


I love quotes! Quotes that make me think, quotes that inspire, quotes that challenge me and quotes that tug at my heart. I love quotes because I relate them to my life and I am a big dreamer, hence why I love #dreambigandhuge!

My parents know me well...

I love to share quotes on social media, write them on my vision boards, and most recently write them inside the front cover of books.

I think the reason I love quotes so much is because they typically hit me across the head, much like Monsignor Brunkan’s words.  I see them, just when I need to see them.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy sharing them, in hopes that they will be seen at the right time by the person that needs to see them at that specific moment in time.

I decided that for the month of April I would share my love of quotes with those that would be interested by hosting a free quote challenge.  What better way to jump in to spring, right?

The challenge will occur for the entire month of April, each morning I will post a quote and then in your journal, on social media, or anywhere you like to write you can write/respond to how the quote applies to your life or what it makes you think about, etc.

 If you would like to participate please fill out the form below and I will add you to our secret Facebook group where I will post the daily quote.

I can’t wait to see how the quote challenge helps other reflect on quotes and how it will force all of us to go a little deeper within ourselves!

From the gravel road-


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