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Last week we were blessed to have some visitors come to the farm! They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because it was “birth” day for Charlotte’s fourth litter! 

My friend, Lisa, works at NIVC Services, Inc. and had contacted me a few weeks ago to see if she could bring some clients for a tour! Lisa has the fabulous job of getting to do all sorts of fantastic activities with clients and is a top-notch chicken wrangler! NIVC Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization providing employment training and support to people with disabilities. 

From the NIVC Services website “Activities Group, our clients have opportunities to have rich experiences and active lives by meeting friends, building relationships, and participating in their communities. Rather than staying home watching TV on their days off work, Joblink Activities clients can choose opportunities to go out with a group of friends for a couple of hours or a full day. With plenty of suggestions from clients, each month is packed with fun and interesting things to do.”

Our guests from NIVC Services, Inc. had chosen one of their activities to be touring a farm so you can imagine my response when Lisa asked, I couldn’t have been more excited and knew just the week they needed to come based on when I knew we should be having baby pigs! 

Waiting to catch a piglet entering the world.

Although Charlotte didn’t actually deliver a piglet while we were impatiently waiting she delivered one while we were out of the barn looking at the calves so our guests did get to see a brand new piglet.

We wandered around the farm, talked about what pigs and cattle eat, looked at tractors, gave a few pats to Mouse the calf, looked at field corn and most got to pet Moose the chicken. We looked at straw and hay and discussed how straw and corn stalks become like a big bed for the animals. It was a blast!

Looking at straw

It absolutely made my morning to share what I love with this group that are all doing great things! I just know it based on their smiles and their fabulous questions. I can’t wait until Lisa calls for another visit! 

Our group picture, minus the chicken wrangler, she also served as the photographer. 😉

Have you been on a farm tour or given a farm tour?

From the gravel road,


Tonight's What Inspire You Wednesday post comes from my friend, Mary! Mary is one of the coolest, strongest gals I know and is a fellow North Iowa Blogger.

Here's Mary:

When Jen asked me to write about what inspires me, my first and immediate thoughts went straight to the people in my life. I am fortunate to have many people in my life who I look up to, admire, and are constant inspirations to me. But when I sit back and spend time really reflecting on WHAT inspires, not necessarily WHO, the answer is obvious.

Nature. And more specifically the spring season.

I have always felt more grounded, connected and myself when I’m outside. As a child, I played outside with the neighbor kids, tearing around on our bikes playing cops and robbers, digging and mixing in the wet dirt making mud pies, and staying out long after the sun went down in the summer playing tag and night games. Being outside was fun for me growing up.

Now as an adult, I am still drawn to nature. I have chosen a lifestyle and a job that allows me to work outside among green plants and trees. I am a vegetable gardener, spending hours alone in my garden pulling weeds, and tending to the plants I sowed in the springtime.

Being in nature relaxes me, refreshes me, and inspires me.

When we go on vacation, we choose places we can hike, bike, explore and be outside. When I’m sitting by the ocean and watching the waves come in, I feel a calm I find nowhere else. I am inspired by flowing rivers that are in constant motion, ever changing and bodies of water that are homes to many creatures and also provide food to wildlife. Being in nature reminds me I am part of something much, much bigger than myself. I am inspired by the complexity, yet simplicity of nature.

We have so much to learn from observing plants and their way of life is an inspiration. They are resilient and strong. Trees hold their own in wind and storms. Flowers bloom, year after year.  They are themselves in all their glory and imperfections.

The spring season always inspires me. Each year after winter snows and frigid temps, spring comes again. It is consistent. Everything is waking up again. Winter was a chance to relax, restore, rest, and as spring arrives, temperatures become warmer, colorful birds start showing up in your yard, and the sleeping, dormant plants and trees start to show signs of new life, budding at the ends of their branches and peaking green signs of hope through the once frozen and cold brown earth. The plants emerge showing signs of new life, a new fresh outlook, a chance to shine bright again. The days are getting longer, more time to be outside, enjoying the now warming temps. More motivation to dig, plant and sow the Earth.

Spring inspires me to continue to live the life I want to live: to garden, to plant food to feed my family. Spring is an awakening, a refresh, a chance for new life and new ideas. Spring is here and it inspires me.

Be sure to check out Natural Plus Nursery out during their Spring Open House (May 3-11th) and follow Natural Plus Nursery on Facebook and Instagram.

A big thank you to Mary for sharing her thoughts on What Inspires her.

If you would like to do a guest post about what inspires you, email Jen at

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