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Someone asked me today why I get so excited about the babies being born on our farm when we have experienced it so many times before...

I have to admit I was dumbfounded.

Me: Huh? What do you mean? Do you get excited when humans that you know give birth?

Adult: Well, sure, but those are people. You are freaking out about animals.

Me: Well, have a seat, let me explain... 🙂

New baby that we are calling Twister

Spring on the farm means new life, new beginnings, new challenges, and a new chapter. As I have said, it's not always sunshine and roses but it's why most farmers and ranchers do what they do! We love to see a new baby calf hit the ground and then hop up within minutes looking for it's momma for a drink. Why? Because it means that we chose the right bull for that heifer or cow, that we kept that heifer or cow healthy during pregnancy, and that we (with our planning and care) helped bring a new life into the world.

It ALWAYS stays exciting, with each nearing day of piglets being born, with each day on the calendar being checked off as a due date approaches, it is ALWAYS exciting. With it, we teach our children (and social media following) about the life cycle and where their food comes from. We teach our children responsibility, about reproduction and giving the animals the proper care that they need after giving birth.

On our farm spring isn't all about livestock giving birth, the greening of the alfalfa and it's growth mean that we cared for our product and it has come back another year to provide our cows with nutrition and income for our family. Spring means that corn and soybeans can go in the ground, which will, in turn, provide nutrition for our animals.

Farmers and ranchers care deeply about their livestock and crops and want only the best for them and the consumers that will benefit from the product that is raised.

These are just a few of the reasons why I will never tire of spring on the farm and never tire of telling people about it!

What do you love about spring where you live?

From the Gravel Road-


Charlotte has blessed us with a third litter of piglets! Walter and her make THE cutest babies! Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

It is getting easier to know when labor is close as she gets very grumpy towards the dogs. Plus Ellie checked her that morning before school and she had milk so we figured we would come home to surprise. Charlotte gave birth to 10 live piglets. They are a variety of colors!

We got all of the processing taken care of this weekend. Ellie was laughing saying I’m the pig vet and Rob is the cattle vet. In full disclosure I worked at a hog farm my senior year and in college, part of my job was processing baby pigs. “Processing” includes cutting their teeth, giving a dose of iron and (typically) cutting tails. I say typically because we chose not to this time. I also castrated the male pigs at the same time so that we didn’t have to separate them from their momma again. She doesn’t like that very much and neither do they!

Cutting teeth

What questions do you have for me about Our pigs? I would be happy to answer them!

From the gravel road,


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