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Be honest, don't all farm kids wear a helmet while they feed baby pigs marshmallows?

Be honest, don't all farms have a chicken named, Moose?

Be honest, don't all farm kids play ice hockey with a cattle paddle and pool net?

Be honest, farm mom's, don't you get a little nervous when you find pictures on your phone from your 8 year old sitting in the haymow?

Be honest, don't all Grandpa's let their grandkids ride ponies in their heated shop?

Be honest, have you preordered your copy of Tawanda's Tales: Best Friends Forever? No, well here is the link to the form you can fill out to place your order for a signed copy! 🙂

Pre - order link

In all honesty, comment below and tell us what you did for fun this weekend? Any wild and crazy adventures at your house?

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