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I searched Webster tonight for the definition of community. Here is what their website said for the first definition listed:
1. a unified body of individuals

I feel there were some extremely specific pieces missing when I read through all of the definitions that were listed. You see, this past weekend I was able to witness community on so many different levels.

I think Webster is missing a few key words.

Generous-When there is a family in need, going through difficult times, or just in need of a pick me up. Our community is generous on many levels.  They open their pockets and give financial donations.  They share their talents and organize benefits and auctions.  They prepare baked goods to sell for profit with all proceeds going to the family in need. A prime example of this was at a benefit on Saturday for a local young man that was diagnosed with cancer.

Supportive-This weekend was my book signing for Tawanda's Tales: Best Friends Forever. I was overjoyed with the support that our local community showed me!  Some people that already had the book just stopped to visit, others stopped to buy another book, and some brought friends to purchase a book!

Encouraging-                                                                                                             My community not only exists locally, but I also have a network of community on social media. My friends on social media are so encouraging in my new endeavors and continue to cheer me on and share encouraging words via social media.

What does community mean to you? Any other words you would add to the definition?

From the gravel road-


I can't believe it is already Wednesday again! I love what inspires you Wednesday because I get to share what inspires me and sometimes you get to hear from others about what inspires them!

This week I am totally, wholeheartedly inspired by my author visits that are happening in elementary schools.

I have been able to share my message about dreaming big and huge and have had children begging to take a picture with me (G and E think that is hilarious), students bringing me THEIR stories to read, and asking me for feedback on their work.

You guys, this week has given me hope! Hope that there are so many creative young minds across the world that want to do great things. They have been asking the most fantastic questions like:

How many languages is your book published in right now? How long did the process of writing take? Why didn't you illustrate your own book? Do you like cupcakes? What other stories have you written? Are you famous? And my favorite... Will you be my new friend? Seriously, I wanted to jump up and grab this little kid and say, "Of course I will  be your new friend, buddy!" 

These author visits are truly filling my bucket, but I am not doing it for me or to sell books. Seeing the looks on the faces of the kids when they see that it is possible to dream big and huge and become anything you want to be in this world is all of the payment I need!

What inspires you? Would you like to be a guest writer on WIYW?

From the slushy, muddy, gravel road-


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